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" Behind a painting, a photo, a sculpture or a movie, there's always a hidden story. Some stories can facinate us and others leave us indifferent but they all have in commun the power  to inspire us in many ways ,  to stir our emotions and memories as well as touching our feelings deep down. I've always been a lover of words, especially of their powerfulness. Destinies and even lives have changed because of a few spoken words.  Crowds of people have revolted after a speech. What a great and noble cause to carry a message, evoke an emotion that can change a destiny, a being or a nation! I always felt within me a burning desire to make this world a better one. As an Artist, today I feel that this desire is now my duty and ambition. Writing stories and transmitting my ideas continue to facinate me more and more everyday and guides me through my life with a sensation of accomplishement."
-David Kadoche O'Sullivan




After going through several years of hard labor, David felt that he had not found his profession at heart. He made the decision to enroll at the University of Paris La Sorbonne in 2008 in hopes to find his path. David then discovered a true passion for arts and literature and developed his writing skills with the help of his mentors. His hard work and dedication led him to graduate from La Sorbonne with the highest honors.

That revelation left him one precise goal in mind, to create inspirational novels and screenplays to become a full-time professional. Soon after a great desire emerged, the one to give life to the characters created. David started studying film directing vigorously and in 2013 he wrote, directed and produced his first short film entitled "Regarde" (Look). Unexpectedly, "Regarde" became a huge success, attracting more than half a million viewers on all new media platforms. "Regarde" was rewarded by the Audience Award of the 2014 Film Festival of Voiron (France) and won the BEST ACTOR AWARD at the international Entr'2Marches 2015 Film Festival in Cannes (France).

David has completed the writing of an original novel called "Pizzo" (fall of 2014 release). David was also chosen to direct the TV show "L'Agenda d'Amanda" on episodes n°3, 4, 5 et 7.

David worked for Carson Prod as a writer on the daily talk Show AMANDA brodcast on the national chanel France 2. In december 2016, he creates the Youtube Channel 'THE MINUTE AFTER" which provides short humoristic contents.

In 2017, he wrote and directed four shorts movies : "under the charm" (drama/romance) best long short winner at the Berlin Flash Film Festival, and semi-finalist at the Los Angeles CineFest. "Hell of an idea" (comedy), semi-finalist at the Los Angeles CineFest. "Mon frère" (drama), won the Best actor award at the Youtube TMTF contest. "Be a man" (action-thriller) his first american movie, selected at the Los Angeles CineFest and Outstanding achievement award winner in Berlin.

In 2018 he wrote and directed "I am your freedom" and the documentary series "Refaire le monde" (Change the world). He is now developping the series adaptation of his first novel "PIZZO" and his first long feature film "PROFIT".






Best Long Short in Berlin

Twice Outstanding achievement award winner in Berlin


3 times Semi-Finalist at the Los Angeles CineFest

Nomminated for the Best scenario & Best actress at the Youtube TMTF contest

English / David Kadoche ©