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Pizzo (series)  
"THE BEGINNERS" - Movie imdb
Original script by David Kadoche O'Sullivan  
Status - Pre-production / Looking for Producer  
Format : 100 minutes Genre : Comedy


Three friends, knowing nothing more than pizza making, hair styling, and mecanics, try to change their boring lives by venturing into the mafia business and life style.



The Beginners is a sweet story about friendship involving deeply humans, funny and touching characters. They don't have any particular talents, nor the hero type of profile. they are just ordinary people, in which we can all see ourselves a little. They have this naïvety, this childish kind of innocence that sleeps deep inside each one of us. This feeling that makes us believe, that every dream, can come true. Giuseppe, Sergio and Johnny will urge you to believe once again in your dreams and reconnect you with the child that hides within you. This comedy's ambition is to be subtle and emotional. We will never fall in the parody genre. I will tell you their story with realism and sensitivity that caracterizes well our 3 friends. But it will be a realism that will be sublimated so as to illustrate the magic of dreams and will invite us to live our dreams rather than dreaming our lives away. The comic register will allow us to approach these existancial questions, with gentleness and frivolity, and it is with pleasure and fun that we will be able, like our heroes, to question our lives and desires. Dreaming or reality, are these two opposite notions ? Or, on the contrary, two complementary concepts, intended to be compared, to guide us towards a better horizon. This is the question which we try to answer through Giuseppe's and his friends' experiences. The paradox between their project to form a mafia clan and the humanist ethics our characters have, sums up well the gap that exists between our fantasies and reality. This observation will be used to serve the comic side of the story. A story that will lead our group of tender-hearted friends on an exciting adventure, far from their routine and appreciate what they already have. To keep a light tone, Giuseppe and his friends, will only be confronted with a second-class thugs ; at no time they will be in contact with real criminality, or the real mafia universe, which is another world that I want to be inaccessible to the dreamers that they are. The film's ambition is to distract and awaken the little childish voice that lies dormant in us ; the one that left our heart, many dreams forgotten by the constraints of adult life.



English / David Kadoche ©