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Pizzo (series)  
"PIZZO" - Series imdb
Needs : Producer / Co-producer / Investors
Original series by David Kadoche O'Sullivan  
Status - Season n°1 written  
Format : 10 episodes de 45 minutes (other format possible) Genre : Comedy


Giuseppe, Sergio and Johnny have known each other since childhood. At the age of 42, they are well anchored in a morose daily life style, very far from their youthful fantasies. Giuseppe is employed by his wife and bullying and daily chores are his routine. This frustrated macho, dominated by his wife, only dreams of one thing: winning the lottery to finally have the means to oppose to the authority of his wife Ornella. Sergio is a failed barber. He runs a hairdressing salon, which is a complete commercial disaster and should have closed-down long before this, if it wasn’t for the financal help each month of his good friends (Giuseppe, and Johnny). He made his mythomania aspect his main activity, when not cutting hair, he invents extraordinary anecdotes with glorious adventures in a past life. Johnny, he’s an unscrupulous mechanic, who spends most of his time night-clubbing and driving around with his customers fancy cars instead of developing his business. It’s by wanting to help Johnny, who has some trouble with a client unsatisfied with his services, that the three friends are going to have the funny idea of passing themselves as members of the underworld. This event will then be experienced by the group as an electroshock, revealing in them the exciting life style that they always have dreamed of. It's decided, like their idol "Don Corleone", they go into business! Their first great idea to become mafiosi: "THE PIZZO". This is the starting point of an infernal circle that will lead them to meet up with an amateur thief, a Polish alcoholic and small drug dealer and finally a few unserious policemen who will see in them the ideal pigeons. Scams, personal arrears and friendship complications, all these experiences that they weren’t prepared for, will be part of their new life, the passage from Fantasy to Reality!

"Pizzo is an adventure comedy that I want to be subtle and moving, a beautiful story of friendship that features three funny and endearing friends. All through the adventure, these atypical characters, with true values, are developed in a pretty kind universe. We discover their daily routine in a colorful environment, in a city with a peaceful appearance but at the same time presents us with characters all so crazy as Giuseppe’s dreams. The paradox between the friends’ plan to build up a Mafia Clan and their humanist ethics, summarizes, by itself, the gap that exists between our Fantasies and Reality. This observation will be used to serve the comic-side of the story, but at no time will the series take a dramatic or serious turn. The different events have the desire to distract and invite the spectator to emerge in a light and funny universe where the lighting and the scenery will make us wander along with Giuseppe and his friends’ dreams. “Pizzo” is a real light and enchanting journey in the heart of Giuseppe's dreams enrolled with Italian warmth. " - David Kadoche O'Sullivan


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English / David Kadoche ©