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"Profit" on profit2

In developement
Writen & Directed by David Kadoche
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Professor David is a man of conviction, tenacious and charismatic and a justice defender. He is a loudmouth who fears nothing and spends his free time denouncing and fighting against the injustices of the world. His encounter with Louis an engineer, totally disillusioned by the capitalist system, gives David the opportunity of a new combat, break-up the food aluminum lobby.
David's friend, Rudy is a humanist with whom he shares the dream of an ideal world, where men would be driven by purest and true values ​​more than profit. Life events will put Rudy on Emma's path, a careerist and ambitious young woman who received an education the opposite of his. This unexpected meeting will give birth to a passion that will lead them to the breaking point but also enables Professor David to win his most ambitious battle.


English / David Kadoche ©