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"PROFIT" - Long feature film imdb
Needs : Producer / Co-producer / Investors
Original script by David Kadoche  
Status- Script written  


Rudy is a rebellious young man and a fervent defender for justice. He shares with his mentor Professor David, the dream for a better world that would be driven by good values other than profit. Their meeting up with an engineer, disillusioned by the system, gives them the opportunity to engage their most ambitious fight: fighting against the finance’s powerful system, until the day when Rudy's beliefs will be undermined when he will fall in love with the sublime Diana, a young careerist and ambitious woman. From this opposed union, a devouring passion is born but unfortunately will lead them to separation and also to make them doubt the certainties of each other.

"PROFIT challenges modern society and the excesses it brings out." The film invites us to question the contradictions of a pernicious system: the power of governance of the financial world, the consequences caused and the way in which it conditions our human relationships. " - David Kadoche


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Dialogues (in french) this video are part of the original script "Profit".

But the videos shows images of a movie we don't owe the rights.






Professor David (50) is a man of conviction. He is a true passionate and excellent orator. This profound humanist made the defence for the general interest and the protection of the weakest his main struggles. He shares a strong friendship with Rudy who considers him as a mentor. His boundless passion and obsessive militant side make his human relationships complicated with those who don’t share his convictions. Rudy (27) is a young man full of values and good intentions. He grew up without any bearings and in poor surrounding, which allowed him to develop a very critical analysis of the modern world and human beings. Although life hasn’t been generous with him, he has faith in the human race and dreams of a better world. For many he is considered to be a dreamer who cultivates a utopian and marginal ideas. Emma (26) is a beautiful and dynamic young woman. She grew up in a very affluent environment where the cult of social status and financial well-being form the basis of her education. Success and financial comfort are for her unavoidably life’s goal. Louis (35) is an engineer who is very affected by a family drama that changed all his possessions and his way of carrying out his work. He oscillates between frustration and powerlessness until the day he meets up with Professor David which will help him restore his desire to fight for a new ideal.
Fictional character that could be closer to the role : Fictional character that could be closer to the role : Fictional character that could be closer to the role : Fictional character that could be closer to the role :

Sean Macguire (Robin Williams) in  "The good Will Hunting"

John Gray (Mickey Rourke) in "9 and 1/2 weeks"

Serena Van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) in "Gossip girl"

Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) in "Shawshank redemption"



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