"Sous le charme"- Short movie (2017) imdb
"Under the charm" (english title)  
Written & Directed by David Kadoche "Sous le charme" on Facebook
Lenght 10 minutes  


A young and talented woman avoids her destiny until...


"The ambition of "UNDER THE CHARM" is twofold: first of all, to show that many people form opinions on a situation ever before they have even experienced it, for example, many people think that museums are not for them, without ever having visited one. Like in our short movie, our main character Manon, who pretends knowing in advance the resullts of an experience she hasn't ever tried out. The second point I wanted to highlight in this film is the fact that we all have the possibility of putting some magic into our lives. With the character Tom's role and intervention, this magic side is shown up and reveals that ,at the end, what seemed to be a simple event of strange coincidences, maybe wasn't that strange afterall ! " -David Kadoche

Best Long Short at the Berlin Flash Film Festival (march, 2018)
Official Selection at the International Online Web Fest (2018)
Official Selection at the Los Angeles CineFest (april, 2018)
CAST :  
Casting director
Children's father
Child n°1
Saul KADOCHE Child n°2
Kartal TEMEL Man on the phone


English / David Kadoche ©